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Welcome to King Auto Products. Our goal is to make your day at work or in your home garage easier and more profitable, with professional products for professional results. We strive to bring you the best from around the globe. Each month will bring new and useful items, such as electric polishers, buffing and polishing pads, spot weld cutters, grinding disks, sand paper, sanding blocks and a variety of other useful tools at great discounts. We have a passion for finding things that keep your ride looking sharp.

Whether you want to cut and buff, polish and wax, or clean and protect, we've got you covered with high quality Symplex products. Proven throughout South America for over a decade, Symplex products are now available where they are made, right here in the USA. Most of these products are "body shop safe." Buy some today and see how the Symplex "one step process" saves you time and money!

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King Automotive Products Distributors, LLC.